We have finished the 1st round of registration!
We’ve got about 20 free wildcard spots and we will fight for about 18 main tournament spots in the Wildcard tournament on June 27th. ( 50% chances of getting in! )

We are launching the 2nd round of the Wildcard registration!
Please send your email to
Subject: 2nd registration – [team name]
1) Team members
2) Cities/Countries
3) Tshirt sizes
4) Way of payment ( paypal / on site )
There are no constraints about nationalities etc… 2nd round of wildcard registration is 100% open for everyone who haven’t registered in the 1st round.
2nd registration deadline is set at 23:59, June 12th.

Get your teams together and register!

EHBPC entry fee is 60EUR via PayPal, or 65EUR at the day of registration (please, try and wire the moneys beforehand, we have a lot of costs and fundraising is always an issue, thanks!)
Wildcard tournament entry fee is 15EUR. In case of qualifying from the Wildcard, EHBPC fee is short the Wildcard fee.

Payment ways:
Main tournament fee 60EUR:

Wildcard fee 15EUR:

You can also make the transfer to our account:

Account data:
IBAN: PL87249010440000420098976294
Lukasz Chornikowski
Krowoderskich Zuchow 11
Bank data:
Alior Bank SA
ul. Domaniewska 52
02-672 Warszawa


Some additional tips:
1) If a regional qualifier is going to take a place after the deadline, the organizer should contact us ASAP, we will try to solve it in a way there is no harm.
2) If a country community knows that they won’t be able to fill their spots, inform inform us ASAP.

After the registration deadline we will try to distribute free Wildcard slots ( first come first serve or quick registration + random choose ) quickly, to let all the teams plan their journey.

Below, you will find this year EHBPC slot setup, as well as the Wildcard Tournament slots. We are aiming at a truly international event this year (21 countries participating), at the same time focusing on high competitiveness and good quality bike polo. Make sure you read through the few rules, keep it nice.
Countries that have more teams interested in participating determine who’s coming to Kraków themselves, by a local qualification process.

60 team EHBPC 2013:
Call Me Daddy 1 (2012 European Champion)
France 7
UK 6
Germany 5
Switzerland 4
Poland 2 +1 (Organizing country)
Spain 3
Italy 3
Belgium 3
Hungary 2
The Netherlands 2
Ireland 1
Austria 1
Czech Republic 1
Portugal 1
Croatia 1
Ukraine 1
Latvia 1
Slovakia 1
Norway 1
Romania 1
Russia 1
Kraków 1 (Organizing community)
Wildcard 9

36 team Wildcard Tournament
France 3
UK 3
Germany 3
Switzerland 3
Poland 2
Spain 2
Italy 2
Belgium 2
Hungary 2
Austria 2
The Netherlands 2
Ireland 1
Czech Republic 1
Portugal 1
Croatia 1
Ukraine 1
Latvia 1
Slovakia 1
Norway 1
Romania 1
Russia 1

Some general rules regarding registration and qualification process:
1) One player can only participate in one local qualifier (single country qualification process).
2) If a team consists of two nationalities (there must be at least 2 players from one country) it is obliged to qualify from the country most of the teammates come from.
3) A team is allowed into EHBPC when two people from a qualifier remain on the team.
4) The organizer has the right to disqualify a team if unsportmanslike mix-ups in qualification process are revealed (we don’t want to set 100,000 of rules to cover all the cases – be fair)
5) There will be a deadline (announced shortly) for claiming teams for wildcard tournament; if we are left with unclaimed slots, it will be “first come, first served”
6) Every national community has right to let team consisting of any nationalities take part in their national qualifier – for example in case that players are considered as members of community ( rule no 1 , 3, 4 are still unchanged ). 2/3 nationality membership rule is thought to protect smaller communities from spot leak.