Tuesday 25th, Wednesday  26th
Court assembly

Thursday 27th
9AM – 9PM wildcard tournament ( final games expected between 4PM and 8PM )

Friday 28th
7.30AM – On site registration and bike check (ref will not allow a team on the court if not registered, paid and bikes checked)
8AM – 2PM first group swiss rounds

2PM – 8PM second group swiss rounds
10PM – after party at FORUM Przestrzenie (Marii Konopnickiej 28),19.936173

Saturday 29th
8AM – 4PM bottom group games
4PM – 8PM top group games
7PM – Bike Polo movies screening ( movies will be looped – no worries that some of us will be late )  / after party at PAUZA IN GARDEN (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, Rajska12),19.927998

Sunday 30th
8AM – 8PM championship finals
10PM – after party at BETEL club (Pl. Szczepański 3),19.934778