Friday July 31st, 2009

Time             What

12:00pm      Meet at Tour de Ville whenever you get into London.

Find your way here (directions on the map page).

There will be BBQ, Beer, Tea and Coffee awaiting you.

3:00pm        Tour of London
6:00pm        Registration of teams begins
Meet your landlord    (meet who you’re staying with)
9:00pm        Polocat starts. Polocat ends at Cat & Mutton

9:00pm        Meet & Greet at Cat & Mutton 76 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ

Saturday August 1st, 2009

Time             What

7:00              Volunteers Arrive at court.
7:30am        Players Arrive at court.
Late registration begins.
8:00am        All Player’s to court

8:30 am        Late Registration ends.
Welcome, t’s & c’s, ref intro, day brief.
9:00am         Play starts.
8:00pm – 2:00am         Shop 14 Hosts the EHBPC at 85-97 Curtain Rd , Cordy House   EC2A 3BS

Sunday August 2nd, 2009

Time            What
7:30am        Volunteers arrive.
8:00am        Players Arrive.
Refs Arrive
8:30am        Day brief
9:00am        Play begins.

8:00pm        Crumpler hosts the EHBPC Awards Ceremony and Celebration, 120-124 Curtain Road, EC2A 3FQ

10:00pm    Awards Begin (at the party)

1:00am      ?

We have a possibility of play going on until 9pm, so please don’t plan on the 8pm deadline.

Monday August 3rd, 2009

We’ll have throw ins, lunch, whatever. Meet at Downham court.