We have a few prizes for you

July 31st, 2009

I thought you guys might like to know about a few of the prizes there are to be won. Prizes for 1st place through 6th place will be given! Also loads of special prizes throughout the day as well as MVP, Brooks Talent & Style Award, Hardest Hit, The Brick Lane Bike Awards, and Crumpler’s surprise give aways.

Some of the prizes are: 6 flights to the World’s in Philadelphia, 3 new Fixie, INC custom built polo bikes, Crumpler bags, Continenetal Tyres and Hats, Carhartt bike locks, pumps, and cameras, Brooks Limited Edition Saddles and other Swifts, Brooks Bags, Griptape, and Saddle bags, Prizes from BLB including Cinelli, Velocity and Pac. oh, and shirts for all from Chunk .


polocat 31.07.09

July 28th, 2009

London’s polo community are laying on this polocat on Friday night. Starting at Tour de ville, and ending at the pub for a chance to meet all the other players. Bring a mallet, lock and AtoZ. Polo gears could be an advantage, or maybe not.

Our shirts are classy ( & our model is dead sexy)

July 28th, 2009

We got our first samples in and so I bullied my absolutely fantastic team mate (BRBPC 4eva) to have a fashion session with his workmate. Ha! Him and his buddy played dress up for us because they are wonderful and good sports. Check out Mr. Baddesigner himself modeling our gorgeous gear.

Do you wish you could be more like Matt? Well, you can. You can get yourself a shirt just like he has, just check out our shop page. We’ve been selling loads so if you want to make sure that you get your size and favorite colour then get in there quick!! They are proven to make you a better person and quite a bit sexier than you already are.

Besides the fantastic detailed embroidery, the best part about these shirts is 100% of the profit goes to the EHBPC thanks to Chunk Clothing our awesome clothing sponsors.

Matt has just gone and gotten himself engaged to equally dead sexy Ms. Vic, so make sure you say a huge congratulations to the couple. While you can have his shirt you can’t have his heart. Down girls!

Wanna play with us?

July 19th, 2009

The EHBPC will see some of the best polo players in Europe playing each other for the title of European Champion, however none of us have  been playing for very long. This means that by joining up this year you could be picked to represent your polo scene for next year’s Euro’s. One of London’s top teams has a player who has been playing for less than a year and they just managed to beat the team that was thought to be London’s best.

Hardcourt Bike Polo is still in it’s infancy so by joining us now you will be part of one of the most exciting growing sports in the world today!  Play Sport London has teamed up with us to offer introductory courses on polo. You are welcome to join us. It’s a casual day out and you can either hop right into a game or receive more specific training. The details of the PSL- specific training course are on their website.

We look forward to playing with you!

Polo is everywhere

July 19th, 2009

Hardcourt is simply exploding in popularity now. I know that I’m preaching to the choir with most of  you but hell this photo pretty much says it all.

Polo is everywhere!

The picture credit on the bbc says "John Barrowman joins the cast of the musical La Cage aux Folles in London's West End, playing drag queen Albin/Zaza."

Check out the poster!

July 12th, 2009

If you’d like to hang a few, just get in touch. We hope you start seeing them everywhere in London! All our artwork is done by Diego Mena.

Brooks announces Talent & Style Award

July 4th, 2009

Well they’ve done it again. As Brooks stand by the phrase “winning isn’t everything” they are putting their money where their mouth is.

Brooks will be awarding the Talent & Style Award to the team who have the most panache, who are a symbols of playing like gentle[wo]men, and who understand the balance of pride and humilty. The winner’s of this award will be player’s of excellence who don’t necessarily win every [any] game but play with grace and a simple love for the game.

Basically, to win this award you need to be really nice human beings, with a good sense of humour, and make an effort with some dashing team kits and bikes.

The judges for this award are Brooks, myself [Roxy] and the referees from the tournament. So my advice is you better be nice to the refs, because they won’t vote for you and I won’t vote for you if you’re not [no matter how cute you are in your team outfits]. On the other hand Brooks is looking for some snazzy outfits and bikes so get a hair cut and start designing a great disc wheel.

….0h and did I mention that the prize is *free flights to the World’s in Philadelphia? Oh yeah, baby, USA here you come and we all know you’ll look good when you arrive.

Chunk makes us Polo Polos

July 4th, 2009

Check out the great polo shirts Chunk has done especially for the tournament. In a matter of days we’ll open up our merch page for advance sales on these. We have limited numbers so to make sure you’re getting the right size and colour, get in there quick.

Chunk has gone all out for us and the entire purchase price for these shirts go to the ehbpc. So you get a great shirt and a great tournament and we get the funds to make it happen.

The shirts are very detailed and well-made. The logo is done as a multi-coloured embroidery.They even have a bike-themed inner lining along the inside collar complete with beer bottles and cogs.

If you’d like to see more of their clothing check out their website or check out the latest photos I have shot for them with the London polo guys. This is Chunk’s second season bigging up polo, you can see photos from the first season as well.

So keep your eyes on this site for our little shop to open and get your hands on these shirts. We’ll hold them for you and give them to you at the tournament if you’re coming, or we’ll post them to you if you’re not.To see bigger images of these shirts just click on them.

ARTE – Tracks come to polo

June 21st, 2009

So Arte came and filmed Roxy and Mike as London headed up to the Oxford Tournament. You can watch both of them get their butts kicked (Mike at least puts up a fight) here. Additional appearances by Yorgo talking French to the Germans and Otters talking German to the Germans. You can also see Oxford Nick play his first polo in a tournament. Oh the laughs we all had!!

The piece is dubbed in German, so they could be calling us all assholes, but our Deutschland buddies swear it’s a great piece. It is certainly a heart-warming story and we’re happy to have Arte out to polo any time.

Check out Roxy’s Chunk polo shirt!! You want one? Well, you can’t get your hands on Black Rebel’s bespoke shirts (it’s a team thing, see.) However you’re going to be able to buy the Euro’s very own Polo Polo shirt here soon, so keep your eyes on the site and your wallets open.

Thanks to Chunk 100% of the funds go directly to the EHBPC, woo-hoo!

Announcing our venue

June 18th, 2009

We have secured a fantastic venue! Next to Borough Market and walking distance from London Bridge station. The best part is, no one has ever played polo here, so no home court advantage. We can’t wait to break in the hardcourt. And don’t worry, we’ll be supplying maps and directions from where most of you will be staying. Map Below

View European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in a larger map